Go read this Twitter thread classifying every animated Disney movie song

CultureMay 19, 2020

Nintendo put together a virtual performance of Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ theme song

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The band that created the Cowboy Bebop theme song held a virtual performance

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Zoom is giving fandoms a new place to hang

CultureMay 14, 2020

Reddit removes chat room feature after one day due to site-wide bug

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Reddit is launching built-in subreddit chat rooms

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Neural net-generated memes are one of the best uses of AI on the internet

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Boob job: how The Chive built an empire out of bro-bait

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Parks and Recreation is returning next week for a half-hour charity special on NBC

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Avatar: The Last Airbender is hitting Netflix on May 15th

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The joy of spying on celebrity homes over Zoom and Instagram Live

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I tried to crash the VIP area at American Football’s Minecraft concert

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Cards Against Humanity launches new ‘Family Edition’ in printable free beta

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Everlane customer experience workers say they were illegally laid off

CultureApril 2, 2020